Here is Sir Robin's update from on board Grey Power on Sunday morning:

Sunday, November 09, 2014

It was the auto pilot alarm sounding at 0030 that gave the first indication that we had the long awaited veer in the wind from North West to North.

The pilot was set up for a certain course and the move of the wind altered the balance of the sails and the pilot could not hold. A bit of sheet adjustment and we were off. I sat up for a while in case the balance was not right, but we have sailed quickly throughout the night, just changing to the larger Jib just before 0600 this morning.

Its a Grade A grey day out here at the moment but the sun does appear to be trying to find gaps in the clouds to the South East. A little further round to the East is the island of Madeira. I did pick up its very strong lighthouse during the night but we won't see the land.

There is another yacht about three miles away to starboard, doing almost the same speed and course.The name does not come up on AIS (Automatic Identification System).

So porridge for breakfast.

At some time today we need to find out why skype has suddenly decided it needs a password. It didn't yesterday morning but won't allow me in now. Bad programming - again!


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