Hyde Sails Cebu Inc. 2015 ZUMBA Class

Friday, June 26, 2015

Two months ago the Hyde Sails Cebu Inc. employees came up with the suggestion to have a Zumba fitness program be implemented in the company as they believe this can help improve their health and also boost their work levels. So with this suggestion two employees (Clint and Juliet) were assigned to organize the said program and make it posible.

Hyde Sails Cebu Inc. Zumba Class started last 16th June 2015 after the first launch the employees suggested that it would be moved to every Thursday of the week from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Only employees who are in their after shift work can participate the Zumba. All employees are invited to participate the zumba class.

The ladies are waiting to the Zumba class to start. (all geared up with their Zumba outfit!)

The warm-up Zumba Class has started, some first timer are already sweating hard.

Very coordinated employees following their Zumba instructor in their first few minutes of the main Zumba Class.

A Shoulder workout (Jane on the front right feeling the Rhythm of the music while working her shoulders)

Two male employees joining Zumba after their shift. (they just stayed at the back for the whole hour!!)

Leonardo enjoying his first time Zumba Class. (No time to look at the cameraman)

Half an hour passed by, seems the instructors moves are getting faster as the staff are now concentrating on the moves (no time to smile to the camera!!)

At their backs…(about to do latest hit dance TWERK IT LIKE MILEY!!)

On their closing class (it seems 1 hour is not enough for them!!! But there’s always next Thursday!!)

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