Hyde Sails Cebu – Typhoon Fundraising appeal

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We are all absolutely staggered by the devastation caused by the Typhoon in northern Cebu and Leyte and the stream of images and news on the TV stations seems to be more worrying everyday.

Many of the staff in our factory have been affected and although the factory has escaped unscathed the families of the staff are spread quite widely and many come from areas that have borne the brunt of the storm.

Our staffs has already donated their Xmas party fund to the Aid Efforts in Northern Cebu, we have also arranged a van delivery to northern Cebu shortly containing some practical aid.

Hyde Sails have arranged with our bank that we can receive donations for a Typhoon appeal and this money raised will be sent to the Factory with the primary goal of helping members of staff who have lost family and property.  Hyde Sails have set a goal to try and raise of £10’000 to spend on the relief.  

Please can we ask anyone who wishes to make a donation however small to send a cheque made out to " Hyde Sails Donations " and post it to either of our offices as listed below

Hyde Sails Limited
29 Saltmakers House
Hamble Point Marina
SO31 4NB

Hyde Sails Limited
Studio 8 Fox’s Marina,
IP2 8SA,

We thank you all for your help and Support on this Typhoon Fundraising appeal

Hyde Sails




Hyde Sails Ltd, Harbour Building Office A, Hamble Point Marina, Hamble, Southampton SO31 4NB

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