Hyde Sails guidance for winter sail care

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

As the nights close in and the temperature starts to drop, those not out racing may be looking to put their boats in to hibernation over the coming winter months. 

Whether you are a dinghy sailor, an ocean explorer or anywhere in between, it's is always advisable to take note of the following guidance in regards to sail care:

  • Sails are to be packed away dry, making sure they are thoroughly checked over first to ensure if their is damage to the sail, stitching or fittings. If damage if found, repair before you store for the winter. Waiting until the sail makers busiest time of the year in Spring, may take considerable longer for the repairs to be actioned, causing you to miss making the most of the first few days of sunshine in Spring 2017.
  • If sails are very dirty we recommend they are professionally cleaned before storing for the Winter. Hyde Sails can instruct distributors to help assist you with this. 
  • If sails show no visible signs of dirt, then a fresh water wash should be sufficient, remember to ensure the sails are thoroughly dry before you fold and pack for the winter. 
  • If possible remove battens, store sails flat and off the floor, sail cloth makes great bedding for mice....
  • Sail material is prone to shrinkage over time and wear, if you use your sails for racing, ensure you remeasure before submitting information for your rating certificate as this may affect your rating in your favour.
  • Should your vessel be large enough to be stored out of the water and on the hard standing, it is best practise to ensure no sails are stored on the rig. Doing so can damage sails and affect the balance of the vessel on land.
  • If cleaning canvas work yourself, do NOT power hose the windows as this may make them go opaque.

If a sail needs replacing we advise you to order sooner rather than wait until the Spring. Easter Sunday 2017 is April 16th, we encourage you to work with your Hyde Sail maker to ensure your sailing season 2017 gets off to the best possible start on the water.

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