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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hyde sails are designing a series of new covers for Squibs. It's well known in Squib circles that the older sail number boats are fast and much sought after. With pre sail number 158 boats selling for nearly 5 figure sums but being 40 years old it is no wonder they are cherished. Many have been expensively restored, yet no one produces an undercover! Equally the new Parker boats are very fast but at £20+ thousand pounds it makes sense to cover them up for winter and when travelling!

Hyde are currently templating an undercover for Squibs that will be in four parts enabling easy fitting to the boat whether on its trailer or on a crane. Design is challenging due to the number of different trailer designs in circulation, but the keel cover element will be in two parts which split at the bulb so that they can be attached with the boat on the bulb cover if that had previously been placed on the trailer. Or the bulb cover can be let off leaving the rest of the keel protected. the main part of the boat will be covered by a two part undercover that will consist of a bow and stern section joined amidships.

The attached picture shows the template being tailored to the boat to create a pattern for the first cover which will be made at our sail loft next week.

Hyde's are also producing a mast bag, so that when transporting your mast the section can be kept polished which is important aerodynamically. It will also enable all halyards and most rigging to be covered which reduces rigging time as well as reducing chafe and wear .

Both these covers will be made from 'Oydssey Soft touch' fabric which is breathable and UV resistant and is a top quality material. It has a soft inside with a hard wearing outer.'

Hyde's are also redesigning their cockpit cover and already offer a full top cover.


For more information, or if you would like to pre-ordered your undercover please contact.

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