Jason Gard's Trimaran Spirit takes Line Honours and wins Class in the Darwin to Ambon race

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jason Gard and his Trimaran Spirit (formerly Spirit of England) dominated the Darwin (Australia) to Ambon (Indonesia) race taking Line Honours and winning his class by a day!

Read Jasons report direct from the below on the race and why he chose Hyde Sails, try not to get too distracted by the stunning pictures and exotic descriptions.

Hi Jo,

My father passed on your details so as we could get you some info regarding our recent win in the Darwin (Australia) to Ambon (Indonesia) Yacht Race.
Firstly we are really appreciative of the quality of our sails and the service that we received from Richard and Martin from both the UK office and Hyde factory in Cebu. 
We firstly chose Hyde sails as my father had a great relationship with them through his company Fusion Catamarans and I had also commissioned a few Fusions for the owners and had seen the quality of work. 
We didn't want a fully laminated racing sail we wanted something in between that would offer us the ability to have a sail that would last and one that would give us the performance we required to win races. And this has been achieved with the Hydranet material we chose to use plus the design and cut of the sails that the office in the UK worked on with us. 
So far these sails have done one major regatta and one major race and cruised over 3000nm. First regatta being the Australian multihull nationals in 2013. We had just received the sails and Spirit was up against Australia's top carbon fibre racing machines. Not sure if you know much about Spirit but she's an ex-formula 40 racing trimaran from the UK that was originally owned by Mike Golding in the early 90's. So she's not a brand new ultimate racing machine made from exotic materials. 
At the nationals we came 2nd and to be honest shocked an awful lot of people. The breeze was light and the deep cut of the sails definitely helped us do so well. 
The most recent race we contested was the Darwin to Ambon, which is a 600nm race from the top of Australia to Ambon in Indonesia. It's a great race and one I have dreamt of doing since being a kid and reading about it in my fathers magazines. 
It sails to warmer and more exotic climates and is definitely a top race to do with the welcome in Ambon second to none. 
In the race we were up against two much larger and serious racers from western Australian. One being the monohull race record holder from last year Antipodes and the other being an ex-race record holder Walk On The Wildside. Both have pro crew and spend hundreds of thousands on their racing sail programs. 
There was other multihulls but nothing that could give us a run in the light conditions like the two large monohulls. As you can imagine it really turned out to be a mono versus multihull race. 
Our sails performed brilliantly through the race. We have a massive downwind reacher that we used for 90% of the race that allowed us to run deep angles and fast. 
Throughout the race we had the monohulls right on our tails with Antipodes constantly 8-14nm behind us. 
We ended up beating Antipodes by four hours and Walk On The Wild Side by about ten hours. 
This is very significant as Spirit has just gone through a eight month refit where we turned her from a full on racing machine to a comfortable cruiser. Without the great selection of sails we have from Hyde, a total of four in all we'd have had little chance of holding off the much larger monos. 
We carry a square-top main, jib, upwind reacher and large VMG downwind reacher all designed and made by Hyde. 
The sail build quality is top notch and provides us with sails that we know will last years and provide us with the competitive edge we require to win races. 
We're super happy to be associated with Hyde and am sure in the future we will look to you for new sails when required. 
Please send a big thanks to the team there for us and we will keep you updated as we compete in races and regattas throughout Asia and beyond. 


Jason Gard
Trimaran Spirit

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