Menace re fit update

Monday, March 14, 2016

Menace refit update 11/03/2016 by Luke Yeates

So after a sailing in Cowes week last year we have identified a number of areas where we can improve our ¼ tonner. The most major is to replace the old Faroux designed steel keel with the current Mills designed keel. Hyde sails has employed the expertise of John Corby to help in the keel placement. With structural strengthening, carried out by Yachting Sports at Hamble Point.

There is a certain element of ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ the new keel is a common upgrade for ¼ ton yachts, and is a good starting point to increasing our speed ahead of the 2016 season. Extra boat speed and results will only be achieved with world class sail development and skilful sailing.

The new keel designed by Mills, is cast in lead and weighs in at 768kg which is a massive 368kg heavier than the old keel. The new keel is a much more efficient shape, narrower in chord length and width which will decrease drag significantly whilst re-distributing the weight and lowering the centre of gravity of the boat. This will significantly decrease the tendency to roll to windward and Chinese gybe downwind, as well as markedly improving windward performance.  Taking the total weight of the boat up to 1763kg slightly heavier than some of the other boats in the class. But at least the weight is going to the right place. 

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