New Hyde Membrane System ( H-ms)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hyde Sails has announced the launch of its new Hyde Membrane System (H-ms), a new product that takes membrane sails to the next level.

Hyde Sails has always prided itself on leading the way in sail development, and over the past few years Hyde’s technical team has been developing its brand-new range of membrane sails. This isn’t just another membrane option for sailors, Hyde’s Membrane System takes membrane sails to the next level.

Minimum weight

The Hyde Membrane System only uses fibre reinforcement where it is required and not where it isn’t! This keeps weight to an absolute minimum without compromising the performance and durability of the sail.

Maximum longevity

Because weight has been kept to a minimum, it also means that some or all of the weight savings made where reinforcement is not needed can be used to add extra reinforcement to the high-load path areas of the sail.

Better and more accurate shaping

With systems that shape first and cure later, precise shape reproduction, especially in smaller sails, is almost impossible. However, Hms one-design laminates are fully cured prior to shaping ensuring accurate reproduction of the computer generated mould shape.

Flat-tensioned fibres mean a better shape and stronger sail

The fibre reinforcement added to the membrane is also a continuous directional filament, which accurately follows the load path lines of the sail. Zero-crimped yarns are a must to ensure consistent translation of the design. The fibres On Hyde’s Membrane System go down into the laminate structure flat and do not wobble along the fibre pass direction as they do with some laminate systems.

A range of fibre combinations cater for all types of sail requirements

As with conventional sails, different usages require different materials, and with membrane sails the right mix of membrane and fibre reinforcement can be adjusted depending on the sail’s requirements and usage, from Carbon Technora, through to Aramid fibres and taffeta reinforcement - it really depends what your priorities are regarding weight and longevity.

To find out more about Hyde’s Membrane System and the different fibre combinations see Hyde-Membrane-System

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