Quarter tonner Cowes Hyde update

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So it has been a few months since the last Menace up date the new keel has been fitted to the boat and Vinyl wrapped to bring her in line with company colours. A hard finish anti foul has been applied and sanded back to a smooth finish. These are amongst some of the works carried out ahead of the ¼ ton cup.

RORC weighed the boat and she came out pretty much spot on 1,600kg with the new Mills MK2 keel, making her 227kg heavier than she once was. With the majority of the this new weight 150mm lower than the old boat, and we are hoping for better upwind performance as a consequence.

A new wardrobe of Hyde sails has been installed in including a light no.1 head sail from Carbon Sport which is a deeper sail to give more drive in light airs up to 10kts. This is when we switch to the no. 2 which is marginally heavier and flatter cut. There is also a no. 3 made from Carbon sport with a dyneema liteskin taffeta, shorter in the luff to reduce area and bring centre of effort down the rig.

The mainsail in Carbon GPL laminate, with a reduced roach to maximise the IRC rating.

2 spinnakers one light runner from 0.5oz cloth and a 0.75oz flatter reaching Kite make up the downwind sails. 

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