Sir Robin’s Route du Rhum blog - Thursday 20th

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Congratulations to Anne Caseneuve on winning the Rhum class. A great effort and she has sailed a great race to a well deserved victory.

In the meantime, back on the water, the positions between second and fourth hardly change relatively. The competition is between second and third as I think the gap between us in fourth and third is too great to be reduced in the distance remaining. We are coming in at the same speeds, or near enough. But the fat lady aint sung yet!

The squalls disrupted any thoughts of getting some sleep last evening.

Although not particularly heavy, just they changed the wind direction for some time by as much as 309 degrees.

I collected a gallon of fresh water in a squall from the mainsail. Pure rainwater brings out a very different flavour in tea and coffee. I could have had more last night but did not want to leave the controls in a large and long drawn out squall. However I did get some clothes freshed off, so it was not all wasted.

Thoughts are now turning to cold beer and fresh salads! It's still too far out for that.


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