Sir Robin’s Route du Rhum - Wednesday 19th

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another cockpit night with squalls coming through. There was one wipeout, right over on our side until I managed to get across the cockpit and let the mainsheet go and get the Autopilot back on. We had too much canvas up for anything but a very small angle right downwind just trying to stop Mura getting too far away. I took in the first reef to make the boat more manageable, but we are still getting bursts of over 20 knots speed on occasions.

It became under 1000 miles to go to the finish just after 1500 UK time yesterday.

That is a straight line though, and we shall have to put in a gybe. It’s the timing of that gybe which will matter from a tactical perspective.

The official time on the boat is now three hours behind the UK. This is because I am more than 45 degrees west longitude, so the sun rises three hours after the UK. Just as it rises about 20 minutes later than London in Cornwall.

I doubt the cake will last to the finish. It’s a quarter disappeared already!


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