Spam email advisery

Friday, September 16, 2016

Please all be advised there is a spam email that incorrectly looks like it is from Hyde Sails.

The email is as below and comes with an attachment. I can confirm this email is NOT from Hyde Sails and may contain virus or harmful data for your systems. We encourage customers to not open the attachment and to delete this email. We are checking our email servers to contain and delete this spam. 

As always if you are unsure of an email please do not open the links or attachments. 

Spam email below

Dear Customer,

Reference nr. 83639695-6173

Our internal records show that you have an outstanding balance dating on your account. Previous invoice was for $17888.35 and have yet to receive your payment.
You can find the copy of the invoice enclosed to this letter.

In case if you have already transferred the payment you can disregards this payment notice. In all other case, please be so kind and forward us the amount stated in full until the end of the month.

As our agreement indicates, all outstanding balances after 30 days are subject to the 7% interest fee.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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