Squib 'last chance regatta RCYC'

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Squib Last chance regatta.

Having had the inland championship cancelled a couple of weeks earlier due to lack of wind, the class were out in force. 15 boats made the event, with 4 boats travelling.

The conditions were perfect. A northerly breeze of 12/14knots allowing close racing the full length of the river roach. The format was the usual 4 quick windward leeward races on the Saturday and 1 none discardable round the cans race on the Sunday.

Race 1 got underway against the tide, all boats making a clean start with the exception of the Grogan’s on 105 who were left doing turns after squeezing in too late at the committee boat end and infringing Phil and Howie. Duncan and Alex 760 were clear leaders at the top mark with Robert and Marc 823 following. Earlier during the beat Malcolm and Andy 819 had hit the bottom dropping them from 3rd to 5th and Micky and Chris had to do turns, which had allowed the Grogan’s, Phil and Howie plus Simon on Brutus to come into the mix. On the next beat with Phil on the charge he managed to go up the wrong side of the river, with the Grogan’s, but also run around in spectacular fashion, which halted their chances of good result on race 1. The Grogan’s realising their side of the bank was the wrong one crossed over to find out they had been over taken by Malc and Andy and also Brutus, who were on the opposite shore. They managed to overtake Brutus, but Malc and Andy did a brilliant job of reeling in Duncan and Robert to take the win in race 1. Duncan was 2nd, after Robert RTD the Grogan’s manged to somehow come 3rd.

Race 2 this time it was a clean start with the Grogan’s winning the committee boat end and tacking for the bank and allowing them to sail away for the win, however this did not stop them hitting the ground heavily on the second beat. Behind the racing was close Malc and Andy making good use of the their superior tacking skill and local knowledge to take 2nd with Micky finding his form for 3rd.

Race 3 Malc and Andy won the committee boat end however they were very down speed the Grogan’s who were to leeward sailed out and waited for the inevitable tack into the bank. As this happened the drag race ensued to the shore with the Grogan’s having the lead up  first 2/3rds of the beat, however as the roach turns eastward Malc and Andy 819 and a Duncan used their local knowledge to get inside the Grogan’s and overtake, however some inside outside tacking duels resulted in the Grogan’s being first to lay line and heading for the windward mark, from their they held onto the win. Malc and Andy 2nd Micky getting through to take another 3rd.

Race 4 with the tide now turning it was always going to be an interesting race. Malc and Andy won the start with critically the Grogan’s dead and buried. Phil and Howie also got a fantastic start and raced Malc up the bank, unfortunately for Malc and Andy they had failed to notice the shorter course for the final race and sailed past the windward mark, dropping them to 5th one place in front of the Grogan’s. On the downwind Phil and Howie extended and sailed off the horizon to win the race. Back in the pack Robert and Micky were busy battling for 2nd and 3rd, whilst Malc and the Grogan’s were side by side sailing out to the side of the run. The Grogan’s gybed on to starboard, with Malc and Andy failing to realise soon enough and infringing the Grogan’s. Malc and Andy subsequently retired, however with them coming 3rd and the 105 coming 4th, it was irrelevant as it was both their worst scores of the day so it would be their discards as the race on Sunday has to count. Robert was 2nd and Micky 3rd AGAIN!

Day 2 race 5 ‘round the cans’. After a 40 min postponement due to lack of wind the fleet started. The course was from the RCYC line with a reach to the roach up and down the roach twice and reach home. Malc and Jackie won the start, with a lot of the fleet leaving it too late in light wind to get to the shore and out the tide in time. At the first mark it was Malcy followed by the Grogan’s then with Phil on their tail after changing banks earlier than most he had made good gains. On the run things remained the same but only just, Phil nearly sailed clear round the Grogan’s to break the overlap. On the beat Malc sailed away in the light breeze up the shore but as the river opened up the Grogan’s used the lee bow effect in the middle of the river to make a big gain and come right back up to malc. 819 held on down the run by only half a boat length, the Grogan’s tacked away immediately and looked good to make the mark, despite what seemed possible, which would have put them ahead, however deciding it was not going to happen they tacked off toward the bank out the tide, unluckily for the Grogan’s Malc and Jackie, kept going and sailed into a huge lift, which allowed them to reach the mark without tacking, pretty much sealing the regatta as with the tide flooding and a reach the options ran out for the Grogan’s to make a pass. 1st went to Malc and Jackie, show that marriage has not slowed them down. 2nd went to the Grogan’s with Duncan and Alex 3rd.


1st. Malcolm Andy/Jackie

2nd . Nigel and Jack Grogan

3rd . Micky and Chris

1st visitor. Nick and Cara from Stone.

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