Typhoon Haiyan :eye passes 100km North of Hyde loft in Cebu.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Following just a few weeks after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake centred on the nearby island of Bohol, the Hyde loft and staff in Cebu experienced another natural disaster.

The eye of Typhoon Haiyan passed about 100km north of Mactan island where the loft is sited adjacent to Cebu City, causing absolute devastation to the island of Leyte and other parts of the central Philippines . Many towns to the north of Cebu are unreachable except by helicopter and the loss of life is, at present speculative but seems likely to be in tens of thousands. Northern parts of Cebu Island appear to have lost much of its infrastructure as well as very many houses including some beach resort hotels.

At Hyde's the loft was a closed the day before the storms arrival to allow the 230 staff to go home and prepare themselves and their families and homes for the extreme winds expected. As it turned out guts of over 300KPH were recorded in Leyte with waves of over 20 feet and a massive storm surge.

Damage to the loft was fortunately minimal, the building is of reinforced concrete construction and was able to cope with the lower winds experienced at Mactan. Although production resumed today ( Nov 11th) over 20 staff have gone home to see if relatives that live on neighbouring islands and districts are well and safe. Normal communications with some islands and districts are still not functioning.

The staff have decided today that they will give up their planned Xmas party and donate the money to those who have lost family, friends and property and are unlikely to receive any of the international aid being sent.

One of our staff Skyped this morning;

" Not so Ok. Were one of the victim during the super Typhoon. Our house were destroyed with no things being saved. Roof were gone including the whole trusses of our roof.Window and door glasses were broken and all the things inside our house were broken too and some were blown away too and got wet.It was terrible! its like back to square one but still thankful though both parents were alive! they're both safe now!Still blessed and thankful as home can be rebuilt but life is more important"

It is expected that business will continue virtually as normal from today, but our sympathies lie with those staff permanently affected and the many other Filipinos who now find themselves in a desperate situation.

Hyde Sails will be writing to suppliers and customers about how to contribute to a fund to specifically help staff who have been adversely affected by the disaster. The intention is to add to the Xmas party fund the staff have generously decided to donate."

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