Downwind Sails

Tri-Radial Spinnakers and Asymmetrics

At Hyde Sails, we have vast amounts of experience making downwind sails.

Being the first sailmakers to be involved with fast skiff-style boats has given us huge data and technical expertise regarding apparent wind and how it affects a sail and its design.

Hyde Sails is the sailmaker of choice for all the original equipment manufacturer performance dinghies and keelboats in the marketplace.  Our knowledge and experience are invaluable when it comes to designing a big Asymmetric or Symmetrical spinnaker for any large racing yacht, such as a J Boat or a Beneteau.

If you prefer to cruise rather than race our downwind cruising chutes provide a powerful yet stable shape, that is not overly sensitive to trim or steering angle. Enjoy cruising and eat up the miles, without the stress of constant trimming of your sail.

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We offer only the best cloth, from the best suppliers.

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contender sailcloth


Racing Code Zero

Designed for close wind sailing angles

Spinnaker Code 0

Sail Details
Asymmetric Spinnaker

Maximum performance downwind 

Asymmetric spinnaker

Sail Details
Symmetrical Spinnaker

A standard symmetrical spinnaker

symmetrical Spinnaker

Sail Details

Cruising Chute

Cruising Chute


Cruising Chute/Spinnaker Snuffer

cruising chute

Cruising Chute & Snuffer


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