Our Heritage

Hyde Sails started from a passion for sailing and this passion continues to be our platform. Hyde Sails has grown to be a business producing 40,000 plus sails per year. 

Like many of the successful sail lofts in the world, Hyde Sails grew from racing and in particular racing one-design dinghies. Originally Hyde Sails was called Musto and Hyde with our famous red Flying Dutchman logo reflecting Keith Musto’s Olympic success in that iconic dinghy. Of course, Kieth Musto went on to establish his very successful clothing range. Through the decades Hyde Sails has steadfastly worked in the industry to provide the best sails. 

During the eighties, we developed a reputation for manufacturing sails to an accurate template.  The need to eke out small differences in performance between identical boats imposes values of quality and discipline in the manufacture of sails that are not so important in other branches of sailmaking. Laser, RS Sailing, and Topper are some of our long-term customers and these one-design dinghies and keelboats remain the backbone of our business.  During the nineties, we branched out to the custom yacht market.  Our sails are used in Grand Prix racing through to blue water cruising and this is now the fastest-growing sector of the business.

In the noughties, like many manufacturing businesses, we established a factory in the Far East.  The sail loft is wholly owned by Hyde Sails and now employs over 250 people.

Our core values of product performance, quality, and application of technology alongside customer service excellence have proven to provide many sailors with performance sailing.


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