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The Corinthian Pro is our elite sailing shoe, designed for maximum performance, comfort and grip on deck. It is constructed with premium salt, stain and water resistant leather, and ventilated mesh for increased  breathability and a removable footbed enhances drying time. The “Wave Shock” impact absorbing technology is integrated into a dual-density outsole compound and is structurally designed to absorb forces rather than transmit them through the core of your body. Wuzzos outsole pattern and performance rubber compound has been engineered to deliver superior multi-directional grip and maintain UV resistant and non-marking properties. In our sport of sailing, this is a great attribute to assist the simplest of tasks such as getting on and off a boat, let alone crashing down off a wave…

The Performance rubber compound on our Pro Shoe has been formulated to maximise grip on boat decks. This compound will wear quickly if worn exclusively on hard urban surfaces.


The outsole on the Corinthian Pro shoe has been designed to incorporate forward facing structural panels that limit torsional twist and absorb impact. WAVE-SHOCK technology minimises energy transmitting through the core of your body where injury to the ankle, knee, hip, back and neck can occur.


Wuzzos® have partnered with Micro-Fresh® to bring you a first – sailors with fresh feet. Micro-Fresh® is an invisible ingredient that keeps your Wuzzos® footwear smelling clean and fresh. It never wears out or washes off. It is hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, free from plastic and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. Micro-Fresh® prevents bacteria from growing, spreading, and surviving on textiles and surfaces. No bacteria means no odours, which reduces the need for intensive cleaning and extends the life of the shoes.

Micro-Fresh® is British made smart antimicrobial technology that contains natural active ingredients to block the growth and spread of pathogenic and odour causing bacteria. The innovative technology works by diffusing Ions through bacteria cells via a process called ion-exchange. This action disrupts the cell wall, preventing growth. In addition, the positively charged ions become attracted to the negatively charged bacteria cell enzymes, which stops bacteria from producing energy.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 18 × 12 cm

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  • Leather and mesh upper to maximise ventilation, drainage and durability.
  • WAVE-SHOCK  impact absorbing sole technology.
  • Multi-directional tread designed to disperse water and protect against aquaplaning.
  • Unique rubber compound developed for exceptional grip on wet surfaces.
  • Non marking, UV resistant midsole and outsole.
  • 3 eyelet construction offers a dynamic, comfortable fit preventing movement inside the shoe.
  • Saltwater resistant metal eyelets.
  • Micro Fresh odour eliminating antimicrobial treatment.
  • Made in Europe.
  • This compound will wear quickly if worn exclusively on hard urban surfaces.

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