Voyager Cruise | Genoa


There are two alternative genoas – A cross cut sail from high quality, densely woven Dacron and a tri-radial sail cut from polyester cruising laminate. The Dacron sail is more durable and easier to maintain, the laminate holds its shape better in strong winds and is likely to give a better performance.

  • 2 Camber stripes
  • Staggered tell tales
  • 3 Furling marks along the foot at 10% intervals
  • Aluminium leech line cleats with back up eyes
  • Stainless pressed clew ring with webbing strainers
  • Webbing tack and head attachments
  • Leech line with
  • Alloy cleats, back up eyes and cover
  • Foot line with Alloy cleats, back up eyes and cover
  • 3 Step zig zag stitching on seams
  • UV covers on Leech and Foot (optional extra)
  • Foam luff insert (optional extra)
  • Sail bag

HEAD – Webbing loop, reinforced internally with leather to withstand wear from halliard.

FOAM LUFF INSERTS (OPTIONAL EXTRA) – Shaped to reduce fullness in the middle of the sail when reefed.

CLEW – stainless pressed ring with webbing strainer, alloy leech line cleat with back up eyelets.

TACK – Radial patch and webbing tack attachment


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